The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book one

Author: Michael Scott

Genre: Mythology and action 

Age: Teen

POV: 3rd person
Review: There is a great blende of mythology, much better than the previous book I read: The City of Dogs. Good humor and the plot move fast making the whole story happen in 24 hours. 
However, there is a lot of telling and not showing. There is little character development at all but, there are stories where characters don't develop at all. It not a bad thing for the story as long you have a good reason for it to happen. Plus, the whole story takes place within 24 hours. People are not going to flap around in 24 hours.
The twin has been closer to each other, near the end when one of them got powers. They seem to pull apart into jealousy.

Writing 3/5
Characters 3/5 - favorite characters are Nicholas and Perenelle not just because they are real people. They both know what they were doing throughout the story. 

I get the twins were made up characters, it seems like the author try too hard to make them interesting. 

Plot 4/5

Total Points: 10/20 

The history and mythology aspect draws me in ( I'm too much of a nerd) that want to know what happens. I also have hopes that the story might improve.  

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