City of Dogs

City of Dogs
Author: Livi Michael

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology

Age: MG 

POV: 3rd person

Summary: Jenny a Jack Russel Terror found her way in to our world and in to the life of Sam. She meet five other dogs. All are destined to embark on a quest together in order to save the world

Review: Norse mythology and dogs, two of my favorite things in one book. Can this get any better?

The City of dogs starts with the Ragnarok myth where Jenny catches the mistletoe dart instead of it killing Baldur, knocking everything out of balance. Placing a spin of the Ragnarok myth.

The interdiction to each dog is slow but, once that through everything takes off.

Each dog has their personality, their strengths and weakness are well defined. They all act naturally like dogs. Their good humor and a great story about each dog overcome its fears. The blend of Greek and Norse mythology was interesting although not well done in balancing out.

The leading dog (character) Jenny is a Jack Russel Terror a dog I use to have. It may not mean anything to anyone else but, I tear up when Sam found her. ( I miss my dog 😢)
Plot 4/5

Writing 3/5- The writing lack in flow and felt dry at times.

Characters: 4/5

+1 for Jenny being a Jack Russel (their awesome dogs)

+.5 for a unique story

Total: 12.5/20

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