The Prom Goes Interstellar Excursion

Author: Chris McCoy
Genre: YA, Romance, Humor and Space Adventure.
Age: YA
POV: first person
Summary: Bennett dream date Sophie ask him to prom after saying yes, Sophie gets abducted by space aliens. Bennett end up hitching a ride with a down on their luck band across the universe all while rocking out and rescuing Sophie so he can have a date for prom.

Review: Picking up this book I got Hitchhiker Guide vibes off of it right down to the humor and wacky characters. The love interest starts simple and the ending kept it real. If you want to complain about everyone ending up together at the end there nothing to complain about here.

The one thing I didn't like was when they rescue Sophie, I expect that the aliens that abducted her would go after them. Although added that on top of a band trying to make a comeback, an angry ex-band member, and a character starting a clean slate is a bit too much. It is nice to how a side plot about a down on their luck band that the sixteenth million best bands in the universe to rise once more. (That a good number knowing how big the universe is)
Plot: 5/5 - Stay right to the main plot while balance a side plot (nicely done in under 300 pages)
Writing: 5/5 - humorist at times. Remains me of Hitchhiker Guide yet having it own unique style of humor.
Characters: 5/5
+1 for being in outer space (love books that take place in outer space)
+1 music because aliens in outer space rock out as well
Total 17/20