The Wave Walker Trilogy

Author: Kai Meyer

Genre: fantasy, action, adventure 

 Age: Upper MG

Book one: Pirate Curse

Summary: Jolly is known as a polliwog, someone who can walk on water. Far as Jolly knows  she the last polliwog. Until she wash ashore on an island after her pirate craw was attack. She meets Monk who is also a polliwog. Suddenly they has to freed the island with a man know as the Ghost Trader. 


Now and then there will be authors that are not afraid to stretch their imagination. Kai Meyer is full of creativity when it comes to stories.

The Pirate Curse has potential. Their non-stop fast moving action which a few twists. The story is set in the Caribbean and is quite historically accurate. The world feels familiar but, there a touch of magic. The writing is simple, it could be a little more complex and maybe darker. There wasn't must tension unlit the second half of the book. The characters are interesting. There a man with the head of a pit bull and other strange creatures I'm not going to say any more about.
 Writing 4/5

 Plot 5/5 - an interesting on the run type of story.

Characters 4/5 for the first book not bad. There still can be some improvement.

 Bones Points:

+ 1 creative story that takes the pirate theme and make it unique.

+1- I love a good high seas adventure of any type.

Total 14/20

Book two: Pirate Emperor

Summary: Jolly and Griffin are cast away on an island with a strange architect building a bridge to no where or is it to another world? When they were about to find out, the bride burst in to flames and kobalins attack. The Ghost Trader comes in the nick of time to take Jolly and Griffin to the sea star city of Aelenium.

Review:  This book is better than the first one. The main POV is on Jolly while maintaining development for the other characters.

Well, Soledad set out to reclaim her throne from the pirate emperor Kendrick. Jolly continues to search for Bannon, although when Jolly does find him but, not without change.

I don't like how at the beginning they find a bridge that is built to another world. Before they could find out the purposes kobalins come up to dry land to attack. The bridge is not mentioned until the second half of the book. When it was brought up there nothing new to learn about it.

At one point Jolly ends up at the bottom of the ocean and meets three old ladies spinning yarn. I will give some credit that it was done differently. I have read so many books with the three fates, that I'm getting bore of it.

Plot 4/5- takes a turn away from the main plot, while moving the subplots along. My guess is the third book is going to solve the main plot and ties up some lose ends.

Characters 5/5- The characters have grown on me. The only character that I can't stand, or I don't fully understand is Monk. Since he focuses on the main plot, he pushes to the side. I'll give Monk a chance to redeem himself.

Writing 4/5

Bones Points:

+1 an improvement from the first book

+1 A magical door in the belly of a wale that open up to a tavern. Call me crazy but, I'm adding that to my list of fictional restaurants to eat at.

+1 the characters are given more depth

Total points: 16/20

Book Three: Pirate Wars

Summary: The stage is set. Griffain, Soledad, Buenaventura, and Walker must all battle for the city of Aelenium. Staring time for Jolly and Monk to journey to the depths..of the sea to defect the Maelstrom. 

Review: A satisfying ending without any characters dying except, for Jasconius. Great, I'm crying over a whale that I'm going to miss...well all the characters I'm going to miss.

Like the two previous books, it fills to the brim with action. Throughout the whole book it one big battle. The description of Jolly and Monk traveling underwater is creepy.

The transition from one character fighting to another character fighting is nicely done. There are quite a few twists and turns I didn't see coming. Everything is wrapped up in the end except, for the mother kobalins trap beneath the rocks.

Characters: 5/5- Monk was fine in the first book and annoy in the second book. By the third he end being redeemable. +1 point. 

Plot: 4/5 

Writing 5/5

Bonus points: + 1 nonstop action 

Total 16/20 

Review of the whole series: The Caribbean setting is a nice backdrop for the action pack adventure. There hints of different mythology including Norse myth. A bit odd but, none less interesting. There is a little bit of a romance (no "doom" love triangle) between Jolly and Griffin. Throughout the series, it remains low key to the side. I like Griffin, he meets a monk inside the belly of a whale who plans on having the first tavern inside the whale (there a magic door that opens to a tavern). Griffin is like He just rolls with it.

The characters, plot, and world are being set up in the first book. Not everything is devolved until the end of the story is place on solid ground. This is a creative story with a cast of unique characters. If you can just breeze through the first book it smooth sailing afterward. All three books have fast past actions. There are some slow moments here and there but, I'll take it as a good thing to help to take a breath from all the action.

Over all stars for whole series: