Witch's Sister

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Genre: paranormal

Age: MG

Summary: What do you do if your sister a witch? Lynn suspect her sister a witch because of all the strange thing she does.

Review: This is a creepy book. The suspense adds up as the story progresses and each time Lynn and her friend find out more about witches the more, they see Judith as one. I like how the evidence that shows a witch can be explained as something else. Making it believable why Lynn's parents would not believe her.

I like how it stands clear using the trope of neighbors whispering about the old lady that lives alone as a witch.

What I don't like about the father is not mentioned much. During the day the mom at the hen house, Judith is at Creek or Mrs. Tuggle, and the little brother is in the house. The first chapter makes it seem like a single parent household and when the dad is mention, I like oh they do have a dad.


Characters: 5/5- the friendship between Lynn and Mouse is nice and the relationship with each of the siblings is well thought out. Lynn sees the changes in her older sister, how she uses to be close and now wants to be left alone.

Plot: 5/5 - have the right amount of suspect and creepiness.

Writing 4/5

Bonus Points:

+1 at times I did feel creep out and Mrs. Tuggle is quite scary. Out of all the scary old ladies I have read in books, Mrs. Tuggle is the scariest.

Total points: 15/20

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