King of the Wind

Author: Marguerite Henry

Genre: Contemporary, historical fictions

Ages: MG and anyone that likes horse

Summary:  Agba, the mute horse boy knows his horse Sham is the fastest of any horse, the king of the wind. When the Sultan called for six of the best horses to be given to the king of France. A greedy ship captain steals the money to buy food for the journey, the horses almost die when they arrive to France. The king sends Sham to be a work horse. 

Review:  Arabian is not only my favorite breed of horse but, their one of the best racehorses. The story explains the family tree of the famous rice horse Man O' War. I don't know if this is true but, none less it a good story about the bonds of friendship.

It seems like most horse stories follow the same format: the horse is born, form a special bond between one person, become separated, exchange from one master to the next, reunite with a person, and live out their days together.

At first, I thought Agba being a mute doesn't seem necessary but, realizes he can easily bond with animals because they can't talk to people nor can anyone fully understand them and so Agba forms a special bond with animals he meets. 


Character 4/5

Writing 4/5

Plot 5/5

Bonus Points:

+1- mention of Whittington a famous cat that sail on a merchant ship to Morocco. There a Newbery honors book call Whittington by Alan Armstrong. 

Total Point: 14/20

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