Smells like Treasure book two

Author: Suzanne Selfors

Series: Smalls like Dog

Genre:  Adventure, treasure hunting

Age: MG

Summary: Smells like Treasure is the second book to the smells like dog series. Homer is an expert on maps, mainly treasure maps. A letter arrives in the mail, telling him come meet and claim his rightful membership to L.O.S.T from his uncle. L.O.S.T stands for the secret society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and, Treasures.

Review: This book has everything I like in a book, dogs, action, adventure, treasure hunting, dogs. (I like dogs). It has been years since I read the first book but, the theme in the first book is the same in this book: follow your passion and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Unlike other series I have read this book does not dump everything that happens in the first book all into the very first pages of the story. Instead, it lets out little bits of information as the story progresses remaining you without slowing the story down.

I never like Lorelei and I do not like her at all in this book. She backstabs Homer giving it the right tension to make me want to root for Homer even more. I wasn’t sure about Hercules but, I end up liking him. I like how much depth each character has.

The story is a bit predictable with a few good twists and turns. There are a few things not complexly wrap up in the end leaving room for the next book. None the less this is an enjoyable story with a lot of humor. I will be looking for the third book: Smells like Pirate.

Characters: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Total: 14/20

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