Shadowcry: Wintercraft book one

Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw Author: Jenna Burtenshaw

Series: The Secrets of Wintercraft 

Genre: fantasy, paranormal

Age: YA

Summary: After bring a bird back to life, Kate discovers she one of the skilled. A group of people who can see in to the vile, a world between life and death. Silas is order to capture Kate and take her to the high council. However, Silas has plans of his own.

Review: Right from the beginning, the action starts. There is hardly any downtime to take a moment of what just happen.

The world building is not grand but, the city of Fume has this mysterious dark atmosphere to it. I want to explore the secrets that lay hidden. The book doesn't have a map so you are left with a hint of what the world looks like. That fine it leaves more room for the imagination.

The magic system is interesting. Center around the world between the living and the dead. I like how people's beliefs are based on the Skilled being able to see into the vile.

Because the story starts with action there no room to get to know the MC before the plot takes off. Kate doesn't know much about the Skilled. We learn along with her to make it not seem like info dumping.

The overall tone in the book dark, winery, and melancholy. With the talk of death, it almost depressing.

Characters: 5/5 - The side characters are interesting and like how they have a past that is only hinted at. 

Writing: 5/5

Plot: 3/5  - Kate escapes and get catcher again a few times. Other than the action the storyline doesn't any depth.

Bonus Points:

+1 for having a library and a museum. Both of my favorite places.

+1 There are hints of Silas and Edgar having a mysterious past.

Total: 15/20

Despite some of the flews the worldbuilding is spectacular. I willing to see where the series goes next.