The Name of this Book is Secret

Author: Pseudonymous Bosch

Series: The Secret Series book one

Genre: Mystery, action, adventure, secrets society

Age: MG

Summary: I can’t tell you it a secret that involves the sense of smell.  Two magicians and a day at the Spa.  

Review: Unless I am reading a different book altogether, I think people underestimate P. Bosch's writing 'don't read this', 'don't read this.' Perhaps the first two chapters are like this, but I think the problem is when P. Bosch stops the story. Wouldn't say it exactly annoyingly. The pause is more of a filler. Sometimes it does add to the story. I did feel connected to the characters, wanting to root for them. There is some good humor as well.

For those who say adults stay away from this. Hay, there no such thing as the book police. Should be able to go into the kid's station at the library and book store without alums flashing and going off. Officers come out of nowhere and I'm wailing 'I'm just getting a book for my kid’.

I enjoy The Name of This Book is Secret. It, not the best book, however, the characters felt real. I'm happy to read whatever I want and to review books for the sake of reviewing. (In translation it gives me something to do in my stare time)

I had seen this book being compared to Series of Unfortunate Events. Similarly is they both have an unreliable narrator and have mysteries. SOUE has that dark atmosphere and dark humor. While Secret is more light hearted in tone.

Characters: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing: 3/5

Total: 11/20

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