The Darkest Part of the Forest

The Darkest Part of the Forest The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Genre: Magic Realism, fairies

Ages: older YA

POV: Third person

Summary: In the town of Fairfold it’s the tourist destination to wonder the forest to catch a glimpse of the fays that live there. All the town folks know the rules of the fays and only tourist get eaten by fairies. Deep in the forest to the darkest part, something stirs and wakes

Review: The writing flow nicely when describing the fairies and the forest. When Hazel and Ben come in, the beautiful writing spell breaks. I don’t like the character Hazel. She spins most of her time flirting with all the boys.

I like the world building. How the town’s people live along side the fairies. Slipping in and out of the realm of fantastic.


Writing: 3/5 – There are some patches of writing but, it doesn’t cover the whole book. It needs some improvement.

Characters: 3/5 – None of the characters I really like. I will say Jack comes close if it not for his name. Every other book I have read has a character name Jack. It a pet peeve of mine that authors can’t come up with original names.

Plot: 4/5

Total: 10/20

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