The Vanishing: The Last Dogs book one

The Vanishing The Vanishing by Christopher Holt

Genre: Post-apocalypse, dystopian

Series: The Last Dogs book one

Age: MG

POV: 3rd person

Summary: Max is trap in his kennel and there something wrong. He finally breaks out and find that there no humans. Where are they? Joining up with Rocky and Gizmo. Max set out on a journey to finds his humans.

Review: For quite a few years I had pushed this book back and back on my TBR. Now I have finally read it and it quite good. From the start there something going on that makes you question where all the people are, what happens to them. As Max and Rocky travel, they learn a different version from other dogs and animals of what happened yet, not getting the full picture which adds to the mystery.

I like how Max grows as a leader with each challenge they face. Rocky a dachshund thinks he comes up with everything and, then there Gizmo a Yorkshire Terrier who is optimistic and brave to stand up to anyone who bigger than her.

I would like to see more flaws in Max to show that he struggles to be the leader. There not much character development but, this is only the first book in a series. It a great start and, I would like to see where this goes next.


Characters: 4/5

Plot: 5/5

Writing 5/5 - I listen to this on audio and I like how the speaker act out the voices for each character.

Bonus Points:

+1 - At first is seen like Rocky is the one cracking every joke. As I read further there was a bit of
humor from each character.

Total: 15/20

This is why stubbornly unhul books I haven’t read. Ones I set my mind to read something I know I will read it.