Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark review

Collected from Folklore and Retold by Alvin Schwartz

Drawings by Stephen Gammell

 When I was eleven years old, my mom find these books at a book sale and give them to me. I going those a ghost story reading phase at the time. Upon looking at the covers they were the stuff of nightmares. I remember slowly turning  pages. Easing myself  in to the horror that waits on the next page. Now at the age of twenty somthing they don't scary me as much. The picture still have a haunting atmosphere while reading.

Review: I'll review all three books as if their all one book. There nothing unique about each book to set them apart. There a wide range of different stories, songs and games that you can play.

Some of them are funny and others are scary.

The best part about these books is the picture. Their the backbone of all the stories and the imagination. There stories end in a jump scare, great for telling around camp fires.  

The one problem I had with these books is some of the stories don't feel complete. Stories like The Drum for example seem like they have more to it. In another book (can't remember the title for it must of been a library book) had a story quit similar and their was more to the ending.

3 *stars* for all three books.