The Secrets of Wintercraft Trilogy

Author: Jenna Burtenshaw

Genre: Grim dark fantasy, paranormal

Age: YA

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Summary: Albion is at war against the continent. The vile between life and death is beginning to weaken. Kate Winters is a descendant of a powerful family of the skilled. Falling into her hands is a book of secrets and cures, Wintercraft.

“Those who wish to see the dark, be ready to pay the price.”

Review:  Right from the beginning, the action starts. There is hardly any downtime to take a moment of what just happen.

The world building is grand. the graveyard city of Fume has this mysterious dark atmosphere to it. That makes me want to explore the secrets that lay hidden beneath.

The book doesn't have a map so you are left with a hint of what the world looks like. That fine it leaves more room for the imagination.

The magic system is interesting. Center around the world between the living and the dead. I like how people's beliefs are based on the Skilled being able to see into the vile.

Because the story starts with action there no room to get to know the MC before the plot takes off.

Kate doesn't know much about the Skilled and, so we learn along with her.
The overall tone in the book is dark, winery, and melancholy. With the talk of death, it almost depressing.


Characters: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Plot: 3/5- Kate escapes and  then keeps getting cot again a few times. Other than the action the storyline doesn't how have much depth.

Bonus Points:

+1 for having a library and a museum. Two of my favorite places.

Total: 14/20


Summary: Hunted and fear, Kate Winters must fee beneath the streets of Fume. Into the past reveling secrets of a dark history. Across the ocean Silas Dane is in search of answers and a woman who knows them.

“But historic events are not as isolated as they appear to be. Each one exists as a link in afar longer chain…”
-      - The Blackwatch Pg. 170

Review: Better than the first book. I like the alternate point of view between Kate and Silas. The World is expanded and more about the continent is reveal.

The ending, I’m almost lost for words. Silas and Edgar are almost killed. Well, Silas can’t be killed, but my favorite character Edgar can. Silas doesn't like Edgar and was going to leave Edgar for dead. That is a great character's revolutionary moment for Silas not thinking of himself for one.

The villain Dalliah Grey is worse than Da’ru. In Shadowcry Da’ru is killed off, questioning why there would be another book. The story is still open leaving room for a more evil villain. Da’ru is just a puppet for Dalliah Grey.

What I don’t like is the story ended before it became good to great.


Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5 – The plot has become more solid and knows where it is going.

Writing: 4/5

Bonus Points:

+1 – Improving from the first book

+1 – Having a more powerful villain 

Total: 16/20 


Summary: War is on it way to the city of Fume. Silas and Edgar must rally up the people, while Kate fighting against Dalliah’s control.

“Death is the final question. It is the one piece of knowledge that no one can possess until it is his time, and remembrance is how we keep the past alive.”

-Winterveil Pg. 235


Everything in the end comes crashing down. Dalliah remains the bad guy all the way to the end but, questionable. Was it right, what she did? To cause destruction and harm to everyone so she can reach her goal in finding peace in death. Should Kate prevent the fall of the veil or not.

Everything leading up to the end is play out nicely. Kate ends up making the veil fall, going against what goal was to begin with. As Kate find more about the veil and Dalliah's goal, the more things become grey.


Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Total: 15/20

Main Characters:

Kate - Determine and powerful. As the story move along Kate learns to control her powers. She will distance herself from anyone that tries to use her.

Silas – Cold hearted and hides his deep dark secrets from everyone, including himself. Silas does have a since of humanity. As much as Edgar gets on his nerves, Silas wouldn’t not leave Edgar to die.

Edgar – Sarcastic and witty. After his friend Kate gets kidnap, he will do anything to find her. Even if it means going up against Silas. 

Thoughts on the whole series:

The first book starts out fast that your throw into the action without getting to know the main characters. After the first few chapters the story slows down a little to get to know the characters more. Without telling much these characters know each other for most of their life, creating depths.

I mention before that there should be a map. I change my mind. A world map is not necessary, and map of Fume will not do justice. How complex the city of Fume and its underground labyrinth. Let the imagination run wild gives it a quality of wonderment.

The world building strength lies in the graveyard city of Fumes. There an atmosphere of mysteries and secrets. The downfall will be that the world building is focused mainly on Fume that not a lot of detail of what the rest of the world is like. Not necessary a bad thing. It just that the world building is not spread out or grand. It not overwhelming for those who are new to fantasy or anyone that don’t like grand world building. 

This is a great series with action pack and not a single '"doomed" love triangle in sight. If I can find the first book, I'll read this series again.

Update: I receive the first book for X-mes 

Points for the whole series:

4.5 *stars*