John Carter movie review

Genre: Sci-fic

Came out in 2012

Rated PG-13 for violence and mild use of language

Summary: Base off the novel John Carter: A Princess of Mars. Follow the story of John Carter a Civil war veteran traveling out west in search of gold. Finds a caves and is teleported to the plant Mars or otherwise known as Barsoom.
As a young teen the books were my guilty pleasure. The around the same time I was reading the books. Strangely I never saw any previews for it. My mom took my brothers to see it. I heard some negative reviews saying it boring and herd nothing else ever since.  Until the day it shows up on Netflix.

Thoughts: At times the movies are quite slow in action sequence. What keeps the movie interesting is that it faithful to the book. I may not remember the book much but, the story was engaging. Overall the acting was okay to good.

CGI: This is a Disney film and so the CGI is going to be good quality. Since 2012 it has age some. Not terrible to look at. The CGI still holds up.

Conclusion: Another reason I like John Carter is he from Virginia. Out of all places, Virginia. Even got the accents right.
The movie John Carter loss the most money than any other Disney's movie. It gains little to no recognition. Like I said before I don't remember any trailers for this.

Slowly John Carter is gaining a cult following and rightfully so.

Rate: 6/10