Me & Jack

Me & Jack

Me & Jack by Danette Haworth

Author: Danette Haworth

Genre: Historical fic, contemporary, dog story.

Age: MG

POV: 1st person 

Summary: Moving is tough, especially when you have to make new friends when you have to move offend. Joshua’s dad decided to get Joshua a dog. Jack is a rare breed of dog, is intelligent, and wants to get to know everyone. When strange things start to happen, and everything points back to Jack. Joshua has to prove everyone wrong. 

Review: A classic boy and his dog story set during the Vietnam War. The characters are well devolved and, the tension Joshua moving and having to make a new friend. Can see the frustration Joshua's dad is going through for being an Air Force recruiter in an unpopular war.

What I didn't like is when Joshua heard the coyote the story doesn't indicate that anyone else heard it. Like sound doesn't echo off the mountains. When I was staying with some relatives in upstate New York. I was camping outside on the mountain and coyotes were howling down in the valley in the middle of the night waking up everyone that was camping outside.

I did say this is a classic boy and his dog however, it takes a different turn. The dog does not die at the end. I'm so glad that didn't happen. I can't stand those types of stories.

Characters: 5/5

Writing: 4/5

Plot: 5/5

Total: 14/20