Journey's End: The Last Dogs book 4

Journey's End

Journey's End by Christopher Holt

Author: Christopher Holt 

Series: The Last Dogs

Genre: Action, adventure, post apocalypse

Age: MG

Summary: A last after many woes and perils Max, Rocky, and Gizmo have come to their journey’s end. One last peril they must meet, coming face to face with their greater threat, Dolph. 

Review: The Last Dogs is a good structure series. Each book serves a purpose in moving the plot along. None of them felt like a filler for the sake of having four books in a series.

The ending is not some bloody battle but, a lot of action leading up to the end. The author knows his audience.

The flaws to the series are that the varies take a back seat in the story. We are not given any detail of how the varies affects everyone. Perhaps to make it less scary for kids, that understandable.
Dolph doesn't feel like the villain. He just someone to chase to keep them going.

All the characters Max, Rocky, and Gizmo meet are interesting and memorable but, only get to see them for one book or a few chapters. I would like to have seen them again.

It seems like MG dystopian and post-apocalypse are light hearted or end on a hopeful note. Don't get me wrong there are some dark moments.
If you find YA and adult dystopian/post-apocalypse depressing. Give MG a try if your open to a story being a story no matter the age.

The whole Last Dogs series is a five star read.

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