Vertigo movie review

Review: Base of the novel Sueurs froides d'entre les morts (The Living and the Dead) by Boileau-Narcejac. One of Hitchcock's well know films. I thought this film will have action, turns out to be a mellow drama. Focusing more on the suspense. Then again Hitchcock is the master of suspense no need to complain.

There is beautiful cinematography and a twist. There some use of the notorious Hitchcock zoom shot. The best way I can describe it is the background is stretch. Some other films that use it are Jaws and Murder Mystery.

 The ending was predicable for me. I study Hitchcock's film in film class witch made it easier for me to guess the ending. Can see why I got to watch Strangers on a Train. There a lot more going on in that movie then Vertigo. 

Don't go into Vertigo expecting there to be action pack. Go in to be invested in the characters and the nice scenery of 1960s San Francisco. 
Genre: Thriller

Rated: PG

Year of Release: 1958

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Summary: John, a former police detective suffers with acrophobia. An old friend wife is acting strangely. Concern for his wife safety hires John to follow her.

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