Winterling Winterling by Sarah Prineas

Genre: Portal fantasy

Age: MG

Summary: Winterling is about Fer who doesn't seem to fit right in our world. She opens a magic portal call the way leading to world that in a state of a never ending winter. Fer must correct the wrong on the other side in order for spring to come.
Review: Love how the world is described. It gives you enough detail to know that the world of fairies. The reader is never told that it fairies or that the people there are fairies. I mean it clear right from the beginning.

Fer is wild spirited and loves the outdoors. She is stubborn at times but, is caring.
Some themes are brought up in the book and then fade away, like free-well. The people live by the rule of three and when something is kindly done for them, they have to return that favor. Fer helps someone she gives them a choice. Maybe the themes will be brought up in the next book.

Winterling is enjoyable. It a simple middle grade story about a girl finding her parents. Fun to read during winter.


Characters: 4/5

Writing: 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Total: 13/20

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