The Vampire's Assistant Cirque Du Freak #2

The Vampire's Assistant The Vampire's Assistant by Darren Shan

Non-spoiler review  

Author: Darren Shan

Series: Cirque Du Freak, book two

Genre: Paranormal

Age: Older MG

POV: 1st person

Summary: Darren Shan was just an ordinary schoolboy until his visit to the Cirque du Freak. Now, as he struggles with his new life as a vampire's assistant, he tries desperately to resist the one temptation that sickens him, the only thing that can keep him alive. But destiny is calling. The Wolf Man is waiting.

Review: This book has gotten dark and gory. I’m not saying the first one was all rainbows and sunshine. It went from dark to gory. Some characters die a gruesome death.

The writing is good, and the characters are well written. Even the characters that are only in this book. Learn a few more things about vampires.
The plot is not over arcing. The main plot just for this book is Darren overcoming his fear of drinking human blood.

I’m thinking for the plot this series is going to be like SOUFE. Where the first few books start a small plot to get the reader invested in the world and characters. Before setting the stage for something bigger. By the fourth or fifth book, the story will pick up.

…Or perhaps each book is like a standalone. I like the writing and characters that I wouldn’t mind if that the case. Haven’t read the series before I can only assume.

I listen to this as an audiobook and didn’t like the narrator. The way he acts out the voices didn’t sound like how I would imagine them.


Characters: 5/5

Story: 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Total: 14/20

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