Welsh Legends and Folk-Tales

Author: Gwyn Jones

Summary: A collations of stories from Welsh legends and folk lore. Retold from the Mabinogion.

How I find this book: Years ago I was at a library book sale. There a hallway with tables of books leading to a bigger room with more tables of books.

I was looking at the books in the hallway and notice there were boxes of books underneath the tables. So I got a big empty box, set down and started to dig through the boxes below the tables. After my box was fill I got up and saw that everyone was digging through the boxes below the tables as well.

Upon seeing me they much have been thinking along the lines of:

Some person: that kid got the right idea. I going to copy her before she gets all the good books.

Me: Well guess what? I got all the good books. It’s how I end up with this amazing book: Welsh Legends and Folk Tales.

Review: When I find this book the stories in it were quite new to me. Some stories have King Arthur giving some familiarity. If it wasn't for glossy in the back, I would have been at a loss on how to pronounce the names or at least have an idea of how they are pronouns. I'm more auditory when it comes to learning new words as in I need to hear the word/name to fully understand how to say it.

The book is divided into four sections: The Four Branches of Story, The British Arthur includes stories featuring King Arthur and his knights, Tales Old and New some of the stories have fairies in them, and finally Eight Leaves of Story.

A major of these stories are about an epic quest, battles, and tragic love. Many of the same themes are in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander

If you ever read Inkheart by Camila Flunk. You might remember the part where they were talking about the story about a magician name Math who made a wife for his nephew out of flowers. While that story is called Lleu and the flower face. The story is a feature in this book.

Note on the cover: Sadly, GR doesn't not have the cover that I have. I have to make do with an alternation. Below is what my copy looks like.

Even google doesn't have a good picture.

That it for my review, if you want to know more about Welsh legends them this book is something you should check out.

Next I'll be reviewing The Classic Bestseller Mythology by Edith Hamilton. I also have a funny story about this book too.

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  1. oooh I love finding old books like this!! They don't publish story collections like this anymore. I love Welsh legends and how different they are from the normal historical stories you find!!

    And I can't believe they didn't have your cover on goodreads!! That is so odd. ❤️