1984Goodreads: 1984

 Author: George Orwell

Genre: Dystopian

Age: YA, Adult

Summary: In a world where every action and speech is closely monitor  and where all are strip of individuality. This is not a book but, a warning.

                                              War is Peace

                                          Freedom is slavery

                                       Ignorance is strengths 
The slogan uses in 1984 sounds so much like the ideology of "some people" in today society. This book is scary knowing this might become a reality.
One reviews that state the characters are flat. In a society where everyone lives in fear for everything they say and do, they run the risk of "disappearing" from existence. Winston can't do anything to express himself. He writes in a journal and can't remember much from childhood before the party took over. There a bit of symphony created for Winston.

There is criticism of the female character being flat. If the female characters are flat then chances are the male character is flat as well. You never hear the phrase: "I don't like this book because the male characters are all flat".

Some books are written for the characters and some are written for the idea and concept that make a reader think. Clearly 1984 is a book for thinking.

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 4/5- I do agree that the characters are a bit flat but, one looking pass this, no in 1984 has the ability to think for themselves and truly express themselves.

Writing: 3/5- The writing sound dry. I like any book that make me think. The writing style is not for me.

Total: 11/20

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