Atlantis The Lost Empire: movie reivew

Atlantis: The Lost Empire PosterGenre: Action, Adventure

Rated: PG

Year of Release: 2001

Director: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise

Summary: 1914: Milo Thatch (Michael J. Fox) , grandson of the great Thaddeus Thatch works in the boiler room of a museum. He knows that Atlantis was real, and he can get there if he has the mysterious Shephards journal, which can guide him to Atlantis. But he needs someone to fund a voyage.

Review:  Whenever I turn on the Disney channel and Atlantis was on it was always the  last 30 minutes. I never seem the whole movie until now.
One of the "anti-Disney" movies that doesn't have the traditional Disney trademark with cute animals and singing etc...
Seeing the whole movie for the first time I like it. There lots of action and nice animations. I like the large cast of diverse and interesting characters. Kidra is an underrated Disney princess. She does not fall madly in love with Milo. At the end Kidra gives Milo a hug not a kiss, which leads to a sweet friendship.

There could have been more on the city of Atlantis, like more about the culture and explain why are they technologically avenges. what those crystals are that everyone wears and what does it has to do with powering Atlantis.

I don't mind if Disney does a live actions remake of this movie. The story is good on it own but, it can be expanded more.




I find this Video Essay YouTube that goes in to more detail about the movie.

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