Dial M for Murder movie review

Genre: Mystery, thriller


Year of Release: 1954

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Summary: Ex-tennis pro Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) wants to have his wife, Margot (Grace Kelly) murdered for her inheritance. He called up an old acquaintance and black mail him into carrying out the murder, but the carefully-orchestrated set-up goes awry. Everything begins to spiral out of control.

Is it base off of something: Yes, A play by the same name

Review: Unlike Virago with scenery shots of San Francisco, Dial M for Murder takes place indoors. In particular one main setting. The reason for this is to give a feeling of claustrophobia. May this rake up the tension quite well.

The first fifteen minutes of the film is spin setting up the plot. Everything that happens after the attend murder gets twisty, very twisty. I was at the edges of my seat wondering if Tony is going to get cot this time.

Then realizing Mark Holliday (Robert Cummings ) and the police sergeant (Robin Hughes) is on to him, creating dramatic irony. Slowly it all beings to unravel at the right time.

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Facts about the movie: 
  • Sir Alfred Hitchcock arranged to have Grace Kelly dressed in bright colors at the start of the movie, and made them progressively darker as time goes on. 
  • DIRECTOR CAMEO (Sir Alfred Hitchcock): (At around thirteen minutes) Hitchcock can be seen on the left side of the reunion photograph. As he is only seen in a photo, this is the final Hitchcock movie in which he does not appear in person.
  • Ranked #9 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Mystery" in June 2008.

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