Illuminae Illuminae by Amie Kaufman

Genre: Sci-fic, space opera

Age: YA

 POV: 3rd

Summary: Illuminae is an action pack thriller, space opera, and romance. It about two refugees's life on two ships and the secrets they hold.

Review: Between emails and texts messages and surveillance videos the story is peace together. It like a mystery that you have to solve with the given evidences. That and the format are what I like.
The side characters feel push into the background. Other than the main characters, Zhang is the only one seems to have depts.

Plot 4/5- At times I felt a bit bore.

Characters 3/5- The two main characters are great, and I rooted for them to survive.

Writing 4/5- It hard to tell. What matters is it kept me interested in wanting to know what happens next. Yes, Illuminae has its slow parts but, has a lot of action to keep my interest until the end.

+1.5 for the format. I have read books with text messages and email before but, nothing with artwork throw into the mix.

Total 12.5/20

I have no interest in continuing with the series. :(

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