Radius: movie review

Radius PosterGenre: Sic-fic, Thriller

Rated: Not Rated...đŸ˜•???

Year Release: 2017

Directors:  Caroline Labrèche, Steeve LĂ©onard

Summary: Upon wake up from a car crash a man doesn't remember who he is. He later finds out whoever comes within a current distance of him suddenly dies.
Review: An independent Canadian film that has a lot going for it. The premise is interesting and there a few twist and turns that keeps this movie from being averages. Right away your put into this mystery. The acting is solid and, their good suspense action scenes. A little slow at times, otherwise this is a good original movie.

Radius is on Amazon if you want to check it out.

As for the rating there a few f-words here and there. I know there a limit of how many f-words you can put in a PG-13 to keep it from becoming an R-rated movie. I don't know what the limit is. I'm going with a PG-13 rating, there nothing else that will bump it up to an R, plus I review more R movies than any other movie on this blog.


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