Ratha's Creature: The Named book one

Ratha's Creature (The Named, #1)Ratha's Creature by Clare Bell

Non-spoiler reviews

Author: Clare Bell

Series: The Named book one

Genre: Animal-fantasy, Prehistoric 

Age: YA

POV: 3rd person

Summary: Ratha is a young herder of the Named, a clan of intelligent prehistoric wild cats who keep deer and horses. The Named fight for survival against Un-Named cats, enemies who raid clan herds. Meoran, leader of the Named, claims that the Un-Named are no more intelligent than herd animals, and Ratha believes him, until a clash with an Un-Named raider who taunts her in Named speech forces her to question everything. 

Then Ratha tames a power that could upset everything. Threatened by her discovery, the tyrannical clan leader banishes her from the clan

Review: I discover this book on Goodreads and everyone says it like Warrior Cats but must darker and mature. Right they are. There are some deep themes of class, prejudice, growing up, and trying to find your place in the world.

The writing is hunting at times giving an uncanny atmosphere. When Ratha’s brings the fire to the clan, you can feel their fear and anxiety.

The characters all stand out on their own. You get the sense that each of them has their ambition. Ratha starts out young and naïve. She is quite antsy sounding at times, kind of like a teenager. Ratha soon grows and struggles to break from what she has been taught. When she finds out and, suspects turn out to be wrong in a way, all while changing her worldview.

The story looks into what drives prejudice and to think for yourself. A message that speaks strongly for today's world. Also has a message of companionship and to seek companionship with others.

I would like to know more about some of the characters. Like one of the Un-named, what happen to her? Anyways this is a nice hidden gem that heavily character driven and satisfies my tastes for something dark and mature.

I would not recommend this to young kids. The reason is that there are some gritty deaths and intends mating scenes. Whether you want to give this book to your kids that up to you to decide.

Publish in 1984 and after a while went out of print. Then re-publish in 2007 for a new generation of fans. I hope the Named series gains more popularity. Very rarely do you see books with animal characters that are target at an older demographic?


Characters: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Bonus Points:

+1 – strong themes that are portrayed in the book

+1 - Taking a risk of buying this book and reading it.

Total: 17/20

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