The Last Unicorn: movie review

Genre: Fantasy

Rated: G

Director: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.

Writers: Peter S. Beagle (screenplay)

Year of release: 1982

Summary: A unicorn (Mia Farrow) hears from a butterfly (Robert Klein) that she the last of the unicorns. She set out to find where her kind. Join up with the magician Schmendrick (Alan Arkin) and Molly Grue (Tammy Grimes). They make their way to a kingdom rule by an evil king in order to find what happen to the unicorns.

Review: A animation classic that I miss out on as a kid, nor have I ever heard of it until a few years ago. The animation and color make the world out to be like a medieval tapestry. The unicorn is nicely drawn. I know it not easy drawing horses. The character designs are a bit cartoonist and they could go with a more realistic approach. The movie follows closely with the book.

The only thing that left out is the scene with the town. Taking out the side plot of where Prince Lir (Jeff Bridges) came from. The soundtrack is a mix of medieval and soft rock music, diffracting from other animated movie at the time.

I like unicorns as a little kid, my younger self might of like this movie. Then again, I probably would have been scare with the scene of the red bull.

I find it hard to believe that this is the same director that did the animation version of the Hobbit. That movie makes Peter Jackson's Hobbit look as good as Lord of the Rings. 



What I find interesting upon reading up on this movie is that there talked going around about doing a live action remake. that would be neat to do. There not that many good fantasy movies out there and it would be a changes from seeing superhero movies all the time.

Fun facts: 
  • Sir Christopher Lee (the voice of King Haggard) showed up for the recording sessions armed with his own copy of the book, with several places marked to indicate things that must not, in his opinion, be omitted. 
  • A live-action version of the novel has toiled in "development Hell" over the years, though it has reached various states of pre-production at times, even with Sir Christopher Lee and Dame Angela Lansbury set to reprise their roles. As of 2013, on-going legal disputes stemming from the animated movie, coupled with budgetary issues, have stalled the project, though author Peter S. Beagle has completed a new screenplay, and still expresses hopes that the movie will one day be made. 
  • In 2010, co-Director Jules Bass revealed that Jeff Bridges called him out of the blue, volunteered to do this movie for free, and recommended his friend Jimmy Webb for the soundtrack.

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