Top 15 movie of 2019

A list of the best movies I watch this year. I include both old (thank my mom and film class) and newly release movies. Will not be including movies I re-watch before no matter how many times I seen them.

15. John Carter - This is not the greatest movie, but its still fun to watch.

14. Safety Not Guaranteed - A cute movie that not center around time travel but, does keep you guessing about it until the end.

13. Dial M for Murder - If I have my way I'll place all of Hitchcock's films that I watch this year on this list.

12. Singing in the Rain - I remainder watching this as a little kid and it went right over my head. Now I seen it at an older age I now understand it to be able to enjoy it even more.

Singin' in the Rain Poster

11. Fargo - A great thriller base on true events.

Fargo Poster

10The 13th Warrior - I have said this in my review of the movie and I going to said it again here, I like the historic take on Beowulf and I look forward to reading the book the movie it base off of.

9. Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid - I did not know William Goldman wrote the screenplay for this film. That explains why I like it so much.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Poster

8. Bonnie and Clyde - I don't know much about cars, but dam the old cars in this movie are nice looking and OMG the ending.
Bonnie and Clyde Poster

7.  Memento and Inception - I can't pick which one. They both have interesting concepts and good cinematography. 

Memento PosterInception Poster

6. The Pianist - As much as I don't like watching war films. The Pianist is one on the best WW2 movies I have seen. It invest you emotionally in to one man survival throughout the whole movie. 

The Pianist Poster

5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon -  The fight scenes are awesome and visually stunning.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Poster

4. Zombie Land 1 and 2 - I did it again. I just so happen to watch the first one the same year the second movie came out.

Zombieland PosterZombieland: Double Tap Poster

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Before I jabber on for a page long of how great this film is. All I going to say is that it great.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - This is only the second Tarantino's film I have seen so far.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood Poster

1. Ready or Not - Last but not least my final favorite film for this year. Would this replace Cabin in the Woods for my Halloween movie...maybe...It is defiantly up there.

Ready or Not Poster

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