December wrap-up 2019

Books: 3  

E-books: 3 

 Audio book: 1  

Total Read This Mouth: 7

Total Read This Year: 105

The Name #1: Ratha's Creature - 17/20

Warriors The New Prophecy #2: Moonrise - 15/20

Cirque Du Freak #5: Trials of Death - 15/20

Cirque Du Freak #4: Vampire Mountain - 13/20

Cirque Du Freak #6: The Vampire Prince - 15/20

Click here for Cirque Du Freak review books 4,5,6

Ferals -  12.5/20

Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings 15/20

Real Mermaids Don't Hold Their Breath 15/20

Book of the Mouth: 

Ratha's Creature

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Book Love


Radius PosterThe Brothers Bloom PosterThe Aeronauts PosterSunshine Cleaning PosterMad Max Beyond Thunderdome Poster1917 Poster

Movies watch: 

Radius -8/10 - An interesting movie with a twist. This is on Amazon and wroth checking out.

The Matrix Reloaded 7/10

The Brothers Bloom - 7/10

Sunshine Cleaning - 7/10

Mad Max 3 Beyond the Thunder Dome 7/10 - This is also on Amazon along with the first and second movie. I need to go back and watch 1 and 2.

The Aeronauts - 9/10

1917 -  9/10 - I made a deal with my mom if I go see 1917 I can skip Star Wars *gasps*. The cinematography is one long take. The camera just pan along with the two main characters. Moving smoothly and flawlessly with no cuts. I have say I don't like war movies, but now I'm a hypocrite for liking this movie.


  1. How interesting that 1917 is filmed all in one long take---that's crazy!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I didn't know that fact about 1917 either--I've read excellent reviews on it, but actually don't enjoy sitting at movie theaters--I prefer seeing movies at home where I can get up and move when I want. I think this is frowned upon at theaters :). Excellent bookish year for you!