Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep by Liz Kessler

Genre: fantasy, mermaids

Age: MG

POV: 3rd person

Series: 2nd book in the Emily Windsnap series.

Summary:  Emily Windsnap - half mermaid, half human - her new home is perfect. That is, until Emily ruins everything by waking a legendary sea monster known as the Kraken from its hundred-year sleep. As the Kraken rises from the deep, putting the future of the islanders in jeopardy, Emily makes a desperate attempt to save them. But how could she have dreamed that her best friend, Shona, would stop talking to her, or that Mandy Rushton, her old enemy from junior high, would turn up when least expected?
Review: The tone feels dry and lacks some of the whimsicalness from the first book yet holds together fine. There is more character devolvement.

Emily tries to fix what she did wrong and it doesn't work out. In real life when someone tries to fix something nine times out of ten it doesn't work out, there a connection to relate to that. Also gives young readers a lesson that you can't always get what you want. There is another good lesson about life.

The writing needs some work. It is a clean, okay read, and young readers will enjoy it. This book has a similar plot to another book I read called The Deep by Helen Dunmore

Character: 5/5

Plot: 3/5

Writing: 3/5

Total: 11/20

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