Harold and Maude: movie reivew

Genre: Dark comedy, Drama

Rated: PG

Year Release: 1971

Director: Hal Ashby

Summary: Harold lives with his rich overbearing mother. He acts out by committing elaborate fake suicides. Being find of death Harold will attend funerals. When visiting one of the funerals Harold befriends an elderly lady name Maude.

Review: This movie is similar to Paper Man in which a young person befriends an older person. Only Paper Man is rated R and the friendship doesn't become romantic.

I like when Harold's mom tries to marry him off by inviting these "computer dates" mind you this is way before the internet and online dating, anyways each one of these "computer dates"  are scare off by Harold's fake suicide which are hilarious.

The soundtrack is so 1970s. It really great and fits well with each scene. The side plot with Harold's uncle trying to get Harold to join the military has its funny moments went nowhere.

 This is a pretty good movie about enjoying life to the fullest. It has its dark humor which I absolutely like, but it not for everyone.


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