Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

Author: Ellie Terry 

Genre: Contemporary, friendship, Mantel illness/neurological disorder  

Age: MG

POV: 1st person – switches between Cali and Jinsong

Summary: Another break up, another move. Once again Calli is moving to a new town and is going to a new school. Cali June has Tourette syndrome, sometimes she makes faces and noise she doesn’t mean to make. She tries to hide her TS but, it isn’t long before kids at her new school realize she different. Only Cali’s neighbor sees her as she truly is, an interesting person and a good friend. Is he brave enough to take their friendship public?

Review: I used to know a girl that might have TS. I remembered in seventh grade the school counselor came to my class and talk to us about people that move or make noise that they’re not able to control. They are called tics. The next day a new girl came to my class. Because the school counselor talks to the class, no one made fun of her or, a least not that I’m aware of. She was a nice girl and I work with her on some projects. We were friends at one point.

Now reading this brought me back to seventh grade and, maybe I know someone that might have TS. From what I remembered the school counselor never directly says TS just some people have tics. So, I was somewhat aware of TS. This book helps shine a brighter light on it.

Cali's point of view is written in vise showing how she feels and Jinsong's view is written as short chapters. I like the two viewpoints. Poetry can show deep emotion and that brought out the emotion Cali was feeling. The viewpoint with Jinsong as a bystander and him wanting to be popular vs. being a friend to Cali ring true.

Writing with few can have a lot of meaning. When Cali writing about what happen to her as a kid. It's done with only a few that it is not drawn out clear. With the words that are used, you have to put them together. From what I understand there was an accident when Cali was little. It was never brought up again.

Jinsong wanting to be friends with Cali came up a little too fast. There could have been a little more development. Otherwise, it was cute, and the ending is bittersweet.

The lesson of the story is to speak out for yourself, stand up for others, and learn to understand people.


Writing: 5/5 – this is hard to score. Even those not a lot of detail is given the poetry has emotion to it. 

Characters: 4/5 – there were some characters on the side, not much depth was given to them. 

Plot: 5/5

Bonus Points: 

+1 – a good lesson to learn from this book.  

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