Another Version of You: Movie Review

Another Version of You PosterGenre: Magic Realism, romance

Rated: ?? PG-13*

Year of Release: 2018

Director: Motke Dapp
Summary: If you have a key that can open any door and step into a parallel universe. Diggsy regret letting his true love Suzette marry someone else. Diggsy meets a stranger who gives him the possibility to find another Suzette. The offer comes in the form of a key that opens doors to parallel universes. Universes where other versions of Suzette may not only exist, but where one of them could even possibly love him. Once Diggsy uses the key, he can't go back; he will forever leave everyone and everything he has ever known. 

Review: This movie is so heartful. The adventure and frustration of Diggsy open door after door to find a version of the one he loves that love him back. The movie is full of tender heartful moments making you want to root for Diggsy.

When Diggsy told someone about the key, they were accepting of it too easily. Making it less believable. The soundtrack is amazing, and the ending comes unexpected and different.

9/10 - This is a good movie to watch with you partner or boy/girlfriend.

*I take it that some indie films don't have ratings. This is the second movie that did this. I will say this is PG-13. There not causing or erotic sex scenes.

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