Book Bloggers Hop #5

Topic: Share a photo of one section of your bookshelf randomly selected or go ahead and show the whole bookcase.

Just when I move all my read books to one bookcase. There are more books behand the books you can see and there are some books on the top as well. I just couldn't get it all in to one shot. 

This bookcase is the oldest bookcase I have and surprisingly the most studious of them all. I have gone through two bookcases and there one that holding up. Any day now it going to full apart. As long as it holding books it stays. 

 As I finish reading a book I decide to keep a book or get rid of it. The books I keep have some importance to me. 

All of my TBR are the shelves on the other side of room. That way I can see them spread out and pick the ones to read or get rid of more easily. 

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