Unexplainable Movies You has to Watch to Understand

What is an unexplainable movie? Well, my definition of one is when someone can't explain a movie without spoiling the plot or the movie itself has a multi-layer concept that explaining to someone will not do it justice. You just have to watch the movie to fully understand the concept.

Then again you can't fully understand any movie without watching it. You can go your whole life listening to people talk about a movie and get the juice of what it about, however, your not going to truly know a movie until you watch it.

The movies on this list can only be described in a few words before throwing your hand up in the air and shouting I don't know.
One more thing. As much as I dislike disclaimers, one can make the argument that the movie on this list is "arty" movies. Upon hearing the word arty people will turn their noes up and accuse the person that likes to talk about "arty" movie as a film snob.

Response: 1) I like all types of movies and I don't care what type of movie you like. 2) I can assure you that the movies on this list are assessable and mainstream to most audiences (all are rated R except for one. I'm sorry I try).

Fight Club Poster

Fight Club

Starting with the most obvious choices. Even after watching this movie I still have a hard time describing what it about. Reviewing it was far out of the question. How in the world do you talk about Fight Club? Oh...wait you don't. Moving on. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Poster

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film is about a guy that through a bad break-up and goes to get his memory erase. Then he decides not to go through with it. This film go in on a deep level about relationships and life.


This is a film about a book being adapted into a movie. Now does that make the movie an adaptation of the book?...???😕Beats me.

Memento Poster


Memento has two storylines. One moving backwards and the other moving forward and they both meet in the middle. 

Field of Dreams Poster

Field of Dreams

A man builds a baseball field in his backyard because he herd a voice in the corn field that tell him to. Before you confuse this with Children of the Corn there zero horror element what so ever. This is a truly 100% heartful movie.

Meet Joe Black Poster

Meet Joe Black

Death wants to experience life and so become human. There so much more to this film, I just can't go into anything more then that.

The Grand Budapest  Hotel

Oh dear...the hotel manger get frame for murder and all in the mist of that a painting gets stolen. There is so much that is going on. If you think this is a terrible film base on my description its not. Some stories work best for the plot and other stories work best for the characters. This is just a heavy character driven story.

The Discovery Poster

The Discovery

This guy "discovers" what happens after we die and I can't really say much more. All I can say is your going to take away a different meaning from the ending compare to someone else.

The Usual Suspects

I will spoiled the plot if I say anything about this film. Give you a hint, its part heist movie and so much more is going on.

12 Monkeys Poster

The 12 Monkeys

Basely its time travel where the main character has to go back in time and find a cure to a plague that wipe out most of humanity. Again there is so much more to it then that. As far as I remember I don't think this follows a linear storyline. 

That all folks. A list of ten unexplainable movies that I try to explain anyways. Perhaps someone out there can explain these movie better than I can. If so please let me know or if you have seen any of these movies write it down below in the comments. 

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