Fell Fell by David Clement-Davies

Genre: fantasy, historical-fic

Age: Teen

POV: 3rd person

Summary: In this dark, thrilling fairy tale, it is the wolf who saves the girl. Fell, the dark-furred twin brother of Larka, the heroine of The Sight, must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving pack. He’s a lone wolf now, a “kerl,” an outcast from his kind who shares his sister’s fatal gift for seeing the future and the thoughts of others. This gift leads him to befriend a young girl, also an outcast from her people. They have a shared destiny: to free the land from a tyrannical ruler who would enslave man and animal alike.

Review:  I like the story and the narration is beautiful.

However, I would like to give Fell five stars. I didn't think I understand the messages of the story. What I got was all stories are lies. Fact or fiction, we should not believe what history tells us. Others may get a whole different message out of this book. It doesn't seem right. Honestly, I need to read this again.

I like the Romania setting. The story takes place during the time of Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula. The ending is badass. Alina walks into the castle with Fell alongside her. It seems like they're going to be another book. Apparently, no. Sight and Fell are completely two different books. I have not read the first book and don't need to, there spoilers of what happens in the first one.

Reviewers that read the Sight don’t like Fell and reviewers that read Fell don’t like Sight. You can read any of the two books each as a standalone.

I'll get more out of it if I reread.

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