The Young Merlin Triolgy

Author: Jane Yolen

Genre: Fantasy, Arthurian

Age: Children lit. 

Passager (The Young Merlin Trilogy, #1)Hobby (The Young Merlin Trilogy #2)Merlin: The Young Merlin Trilogy, Book Three

Summary: Left in the woods at the age of eight. Merlin is found and tame by the master Robin Thus begins the journey of a wild boy to a noble wizard. 

Review: The books in the trilogy are Passager, Hobby, and Merlin. I will review all three books in one review. The reason for this is that all three books could have been one book. The story would have flowed more smoothly and the side character given enough time would have been more developed.

Take what happened between the first and second books; years have gone by. Merlin has gone from eight to twelve. Instead of telling that these years went by, show these years Merlin spin with his new family. That way when they die in the second book there would be a more emotional impact.

The whole story is entertaining, and I do like how the story of the white and red dragon is brought into the story. I know why these books couldn’t be one book. Each book is around 90 pages long, add it all up to 270 pages. I have seen kid books that are 300 to 500 pages. If this was a 300-page book, then there 30 more pages that can be used to tighten up the story.

As for large books being too intimidating for kids. Let them figure that out for themselves. Don’t tell a kid a book is too hard for them.

Anyways this whole series is two stars. The third book is the best out of the three books. Only, by a margin.

I give the whole series two point five stars.

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