Can We Take a Joke: movie review & Discussion on the nature of the Internet

Can We Take a Joke? PosterGenre: Documentary

Rated: N/A

Year of release: 2016

Director: Ted Balaker

Summary: An examination of Western society's apparent contemporary intolerance of edgy humor by comedians. 

Review: This documentary toughest very little on politics. Instead, comedians are interview on their take with this whole cancel culture and not being able to tell jokes for someone might be offended.

There this one guy who in the comedy club at his college. He decided to do an experiment in which he writes a play that offenses everyone. The night the play was showing flayers were of all the offense words that are used in the play. Anyone that gets offended has to stand up and say they are offended. Soon people were standing up and saying they were offended which lead to everyone shouting threats at the performers. This shut down the rest of the production. Turns out that these people who came were hired to go to this play and shut it down.

This is just one example out many where comedians have been "canceled". The documentary talks about how social media encourage this mob mentality. I wish it could have gone more into it.

Over in Europe, there are anti-hate laws. You will be arrested if you say anything offensive. America used to be like that in a way but had moved away from that. Now were movie towards a totalitarian rule in the form of social media.

Can We Take a Joke gives a non-political perspective from different comedians talking about free speech in America and how important it is to have that freedom.

Another documentary that more recently came out in 2019 called No Safe Space. This is more political, and it focuses more on the threat of free speech on college campuses.

What cause cancel culture to begin with?

I have my theories. I can say it’s a complex of more than one thing. Honestly, I will blame the whole internet. Hear me out here. I will give about 95% of the internet is fucking garbage. The other 5% is interacting with some you know or talking through video chat.

Most of the interaction with someone you know nothing about. All your seeing are words on a screen and so it makes it easier to harass and dehumanize someone. People are full of hate. They get on the internet and take it out on everyone there and they get away with it.

This is the way I am not on social media. I used to have a Facebook account but never used it so I deleted it. Twitter...hah you mean the Twitter I am never going there. Instagram I have thought about it. However, it has or it is just as bad as Twitter.

At least with blogging there a line drawn that people don't cross. Especially with small bloggers you carve out your own niche and have your own audiences. However when you become big and well know then you can't get by for not having the "right" opinions.

Another problem with the internet is that individualism is being lost. Very few people are thinking independently and more people are turning into sheep. When I was growing up everyone said be yourself, don't be like everyone else. Nowadays if you do or say something different that is not the "norm" you are condemned for it. This society has become so hypocritical.

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” -Rudyard Kipling

The only way to cope with this is to continue marching to the beat of your own drum. Just accept that you are yourself. "I think, therefore I am". So what if you called a snob for not liking a popular book or movie. For every person that called you a snob, there will be a person that will see you for being you.

Like I said before this is really a complicated issue. The internet is just I choices to emphasize. Politics can be another part of the discussion but, pardon my sailor talk here I don't give a fuck about politics. Both parties are idiots. For the sake of it fuck cancel culture and fuck wokness. There I have said it. I will hate to see something awful happen to America. Over my dead body will this century go down the drain.

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