Artist Gone Rouge

Artist tend to get the reputation for being weird. Here are ten movies where some are about artist going about their lives and others find themselves in the oddest situation. 

Note here that not all the movie this list this time around are R rated. Four out of ten movie on here are PG-13 and they are movies numbers: 1,3,9,&10. Just so you know I give myself a pat on the back. If you have young kids that you want to broaden their movie horizon then show then the movie that are by the numbers that I told you. 

1.Stranger Than Fiction

A man goes about living his life until one day he looks up and realizes his life is being narrated. Starring Will Ferrell this is a unique take on rom-con. 

2.Young Adult

This is the most slice of movie on this list. A women that a failing teen writer move back to her home town. This is a slice of life type of movie. The main character an full grown women but acts immature. hints the title.


A director track an famous actor to act in his movie. One word for you: hilarious.

4. Cecil B. Demented 

Cecil B. Demented Poster

This is an over the top comedy about a group of rouge film makers that kidnapped an A list actor. It goes a little too far at the end but its still a good movie.    

5.As Good as it Gets

A writer who a complete jark to other people changes his ways through events that take place throughout the movie. One of the flew movies that has an unlikable main character go through dramatic changes in the end. Shows that even the most bitter of people can changes.

6. Tropic Thunder 

A completely over the top comedy. That show how far actors will go in their acting role. This movie is absolutely hilarious and I don't apologies for liking it.


Did you know this is the only Stephen King movies to win an award. The actors did a great job in their roles. I got to said the book is terrifying enough to make any writer scared of their number one fan.

8.Dave Made a Maze

Far as I know this is the only indie film on this list. This one is fun and dark at the same time. Its follows the typical creation turns on creator storyline. Other then that Dave Made a Maze is an enjoyable and creative movie. Everything scene set up is made from cardboard. 

9. Midnight in Paris

One of my all times favorite movies. To slip through time and meet the writers and artist of the Lost Generation hanging out together in Paris. 

10. Saving Mr. Banks


This is the only movie on the list that base off a true story. The movie is about Walt Disney trying to adapt Merry Poppins into a movie. The author, P.L. Travers is a very stubborn women. It shows in this movie. That the amazing thing about this is that she really was like that in real life.

11. Amadeus

I am aware that not a lot of people like this movie. I am amuse by the historical context. Antonio Salieri and Mozart were actual rivals in real life. 

That my movie list of Artist Gone Rouge. If you know of any other movies about artist, please let me know down in the comments.

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