Ernest and Celestine: movie review

Ernest & Celestine Poster

Original title: Ernest et CĂ©lestine

Genre: Animation, adventure, comedy

Rated: G

Year of Release: 2017

Director: Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner

Summary: Ernest is a bear and Celestine is a mouse. The mice live down in the sewer and the bears live up top. Bears and mice cannot be friends. Ernest and

Celestine form an unlikely friendship that cause them both to be rejected from their societies

Review:  I like the art style, how it’s like a picture book given that this is based on actual picture books. In the foreground detail well the background has less detail. Similar to Winnie the Poo.

There is a good massage that shows how a society can be prejudice yet, the indivisible is not. In the court scene when the mama bear questions about what she thinks about mice. She mummer to herself that they’re not that bad. Then everyone gives her a mean look and she starts screaming how awful mice are. Well delivering a hilarious moment does show how society engages in groupthink by pressuring someone into the "right" answer.

This is why it’s important to TALK to people. Talking face to face is the best way to find common ground instead of resorting to a five-year-old level of thinking by name calling. People that do that, I don't take them to be highly intelligent.

The ending feels open ended regarding the bears and mice. What happens to the bears and mice? Do they drop their prejudices and rebuild a society where they live side by side...or what?

What about the other crimes Ernest and Celestine did. They broke into some shops and stole a truck. I can only assume they work to repay the damage they did. There not much context to explain any of this.

I might have seen the books from time to time but, I don't think I ever read them. It seems like they're more popular in Fence. Upon research, I find out they dwelt with some matured themes such as living in poverty well rising a small child.

The movie serves as a prequel for the books. I can't say much for the characters but, the movie stays faithful to the books by making a mature story and going along with the artwork

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