Logan's Run: movie review

Genre: Sci-Fic 

Rated: PG

Year of Release: 1976

Director: Michael Anderson

Summary: It's 2274, and on the surface, it all seems to be an idyllic society. Living in a city within an enclosed dome, there is little or no work for humans to perform, and inhabitants are free to pursue all of the pleasures of life. There is one catch however: your life is limited and when you reach thirty. Some, known as "runners", try to escape their fate when the time comes, and it's the job of Sandmen to track them down and kill them. Logan (Michael York) is such a man, and with several years before his own termination date, thinks nothing of the job he does. Soon after meeting a young woman, Jessica-6 (Jenny Agutter), he is ordered to become a runner and infiltrate a community outside the dome known as "Sanctuary" and to destroy it.

Review:  Based on the book by the same name is a 70s sci-fi film that is an action pack. The set and the costumes are well designed. Taking note of the music because at times music can make or break a film; inside the enclosed city the music is techno that gives it a futuristic feel. When Logan and Jessica make their escape outside the music switches to classic. Giving a feel of how different worlds the enclosed city and the outside are to each other.

From the start the actions keep going but, they leave the city it slows down. That okay because it helps build up the world and characters more. I would like for the world to be flush out more. Even those it does a great job of covering the basics on how everything works. I still have some questions on how some stuff works.

Logan's Run came out before the popularity of Star Wars and despite the ending being disappointing, this is a hidden gem of a movie. I wouldn't mind if a remake was made just for a new audience to discover this movie.


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