The Voyage of the Frog

The Voyage of the Frog The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen

Author: Gary Paulsen

Genre: Adventure, Sailing, Survival

Age: YA

POV: 3rd

Format: Audio

Summary: Fourteen-year-old David Alspeth intended only to fulfill his uncle's last wish when he set sail in the Frog, but when a savage storm slams the tiny sailboat, David is stranded. No wind. No radio. Little water. Seven cans of food. And the storm is just the first challenge David must face

Review: Since giving my copy to my little cousin I decide to check out the audio at my library. My cousin likes reading books about adventure and survival out in the wilderness and I figure Gary Paulsen's books are perfect. Also, I got him a copy of Julie of the Wolves which is one of my favorite books ever. I hope he enjoys these books as much as I did as a kid.

The Voyages of the Frog is everything you should not do when going sailing. First of all, you got to be insane not to have a radio on the boat. Notably, this book was published in 1989 so standards were different back then. Nowadays speaking from my experiences you have to pass boat inspection with is a long list of things that are required on the boat before going out on the water.

The story is base on Gary Paulsen's experience of going out on a boat alone and getting caught up in a storm.

The story does catch the joy and experiences of sailing. Although there is nothing new or unique to add. David is not a memorable character. If the story took its time to establish David's character as well as his bond between his uncle maybe through flashback or a prologue. Then the book will have more of an impact.

Even those I have been to the west coast I never sail in the Pacific. I live on the east coast and far too south to have Killer Whales. I did have a whole pod of dolphins swimming right next to the sailboat. It was amazing for that to happen.

The Voyage of the Frog was a bit dull it does provide insight into what it like to go sailing while giving a lesson, by all don't go out on the water alone or at least unprepared.

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  1. Sounds interesting - but I love you're comment 'everything you should not do while sailing' Ha! #BooknificentThursdays