100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

Author: N.D Wilson

Genre: Portal Fantasy

Age: MG

Format: audio book

Summary: Since his parents disappear Henry move into his Aunt and Uncial house. Up in his attic room he discovers cupboards pastor in the wall. Why were they pastor into the wall. What secrets lay inside? Lost treasure? A map to a lost city?
Review: This is a fun whimsical book that not afraid to get dark at times. I listen to this on audio and more than once did I shiver at the description of the events that are happening in the story.

I like the characterization of the different characters and I like how magical the worlds behind the cupboards are. As well as the place Henry goes to live with his Aunt and Uncial. He discovers a lot of things that he didn't otherwise know from his overprotected parents. Make you think that it’s probably a good thing Henry's parents disappear.

Everything is well described in a way that brings out the magic that lays hidden in plain sight. The pasting is slow but, still engaging. I take it that the author trust that kids can read/listen to a slower story.

This is the first book in a series, and it shows. It felt like it is one big setup making something where you have to read the next book. Which I am not going to do. If I did then lucky it’s only a three book series. 

Similar books like this:  

The Dream House King Series by Robert Liparulo - This is a series for older kids, but it does have a similar set up. It about a family that move into this creepy old house and find a hallway of portals in the attic. Again, sound similar but two different stories. In The Dream King once the action gets going there little breathing room at all.

The Dead Gentleman by Matthew Cody - The idea of a secret society going through portals to explore another world is interesting. It feels like The 100 cupboards hints at a secret society of some sort at the end.

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