Unexplainable Movies You has to Watch to Understand

What is an unexplainable movie? Well my definition of one is when someone can't explain a movie without spoiling the plot or the movie itself has a multi-layer concept that explaining to someone will not do it justice. You just has to watch the movie to fully understand the concept. 

Then again you can't fully understand any movie without watching it. You can go your whole life listening to people talk about a movie and get the juice of what it about, however your not going to truly know a movie until you watch it. 

The movies on this list can only be describe in a few words before throwing your hand up in the air and shouting I don't know. 


2021 February Monthly wrap-up


In case you didn't know February is my birthday month (even those I hate it being so close to Valentine day). At the end of this post is a birthday haul. It not sometime I do offend, but in a way its like giving everyone a pace of birthday cake.  


The Hive

The Hive Author:  Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden

Genre: Dystopian, Thriller

Age: YA

POV: 3rd person

Summary: The Hive is everything. People used to be harassed online by trolls and doxxesrs until The Hive came. Now if you get enough "condemns" and a mob will come after you. Cassie used to believe in the Hive as a way of justices. Until egged on by her friends she post an edgy joke online and is now a level 5 convict on the run for her life. 


The Prestige: Movie Review

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-fic

Rated: PG-13

Year of Release: 2006

Director: Christopher Nolan

Summary: After a tragic accident, two stage magicians engage in a battle to create the ultimate illusion while sacrificing everything they have to outwit each other.


Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

Genre: realistic fiction

Age: Teen

POV: 1st person

Summary: Davey has never felt so alone in her life. Her father is dead—shot in a holdup—and now her mother is moving the family to New Mexico to try to recover.
Climbing in the Los Alamos canyon, Davey meets the mysterious Wolf, who can read Davey’s “sad eyes.” Wolf is the only person who seems to understand the rage and fear Davey feels. Davey realizes that she must get on with her life. But when will she be ready to leave the past behind and move toward the future? Will she ever stop hurting?


Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Genre: Romance

Format: Audio

Summary: In order to save the family fortune five sister will has to men that has a great fortune. Because of a rule a man of a great fortune is of want of a wife. 


Over the Woodward Wall: The Up and Under book 1

 Author: A. Deborah Baker

Genre: Portal fantasy

Age: MG

Summary: A boy and girl who live in the same town, on the same street, and go to completely different schools. In all their life have never met each other. One day while walking to school they come across a wall in their path. There only one way to go and that up and over the wall. 


Tips for Buying Used book: part two

Here the link for part one if you haven't read it. 

8. look everywhere 

Sometimes book get shift around at book sales. Its either by a volunteer that doesn't know what age category a book belongs to. I don't blame them it not their felt, because a lot of the volunteers are elderly and they’re not going to keep up with all these different books. Plus, I personally believe a lot of books overlap in age appeal. 


Tips for Buying Used Books: part one

I have written a post on why you should buy books used. Now I will be writing tips for buying books used. To make things clear, these tips will be directed to used books sales. That includes Friends of the Library, church book sales, School book sales (both private and public), abandon apartment store in a mall (Yes, I have seen it all), and other places where an organization can temporally set up shop to sell used books. 

That does not include buying used books online and in used bookstores. I do buy books from these places but, I will not be talking about them in this post.


The Deep: Here Be Dragons

The Deep: Here Be Dragons
The Deep: Here Be Dragons 

Author: Tom Taylor

Artist: James Brouwer

Summary:  After an earthquake, a sea monster begins haunting the ocean. The daring aquanauts, the Nekton family is on the hunt to investigate. Meanwhile an island is completely not hit by a tsunami. Danger, secrets, peril, ancient messages, and shocking revelations well all be revealed. 


The Beast

The Beast

Author: Ally Condie & Brendan Reichs

Genre: Adventure, Secret Society, paranormal, sci-fic

Age: Middle Grade

 POV: 3rd limited, switches between Nico and Opal. 

Summary: After Beast Night where a large figment has wreck part of the town everything has gone back to normal...almost. The Torchbearers have a new task ahead. They have to guard the Darkdeep and keep stray figments from getting loses in the town. Just when thing was getting under control the worst happens. The Darkdeep starts to act strange and even worst a Youtube film craw show up looking for the beast.


The Lost Civilization Enigma

Author: Philip Coppens

Genre: Non-fiction

 Review: This is a well research book that provides stories of archaeological finds and the dogma that archaeologist face from their own science community. Most of the discoveries that are talk about in this book have recently been accepted.   

A lot if not all of these stories really make you sit and think, how far back does history of civilization really go? 

Personally, I do have my own theories. I think we lost a lot of ancient history and were just re-discovering it.


January Monthly wrap-up 2021


Books read: 


Boots and the Seven Leaguers 

The War of Mist book two of Luthiel's Song

Roses are blue octopi are cool I don't like modern poetry

 Roses are blue octopi are cool

modern poetry sucks like the suckers on an octopus arms

an octopus is all squishy with no bones

flowers bath in the sun

along comes the sweet rhythm of the breeze 

my feet come stumping on those flowers

stump, stump, stump

modern poetry is the suckers on an octopus's arms 


The City in the Lake

The City in the Lake The City in the Lake by Rachel Neumeier

Genre: High Fantasy

Age: Teen 

POV: 3rd person altering pov. 

Summary: The Kingdom’s heart is the City. The City’s heart is the King. The King’s heart is the Prince. The Prince is missing. Something is wrong in the kingdom. Something disturbed the old magic reaching out to the far reaches of the kingdom to villages where Timou lives. When Timou’s father journeys to the City to help look for the Prince, but never returns, Timou senses that the disturbance in the Kingdom is linked to her and to the undiscovered heritage of the mother she never knew. She must leave her village, even if it means confronting powers greater than her own. 


The New Prophecy books 4,5&6 Warrior Cats series

**Spoiler alert ** 

There will be spoilers for all three books. 

The clans have finally settled into their new homes around the lake. Now they must establish their territories and learn the danger of their new home. Without the moonstone the warriors have no way of connecting with their ancestors. Leafpaw must find a replacement for the moonstone otherwise there will be no way to communicate with StarClan.

“On the other side, beyond the gap that led into the stone hollow, the unknown forest lay waiting. No—ThunderClan’s new territory lay waiting.”
― Erin Hunter, Starlight


Stacking the Shelves #3 & WWW #7

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Reality where people share their latest book hauls. 

I have two separated hauls from the pass two weeks. I will start with the oldest one first. 


The 39 Steps: movie review

: Thriller

Year of release: 1935

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Summary: Richard Hannay is a Canadian visitor to London. At the end of "Mr. Memory's show in a music hall, he meets Annabella Smith, who is running away from secret agents. He agrees to hide her in his flat, but she is murdered during the night. Fearing that he could be accused of the murder, Hannay goes on the run to break the spy ring.


The Best Ghost Stories Ever: Scholastic Classics Edition

 Reading the World #9

I haven't done a Reading the World Post in a long time. Now I'm back and this topic will be on ghost story mainly by America and British authors from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Edited by Christopher Krovatin

About the book: This is the Scholastic Classics edition of the Best Ghost and since its publish by Scholastic it going to cater to a young audiences. All of the authors are well known and as for the stories? The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Monkey's Paw, and The Masque of the Red Death are three stories everyone should at least have heard of. 

Then there are some other stories by well known and not so known authors like The Empty House, The Judge's House, A Ghost Story, The Yellow Wallpaper, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, and The Story of Clifford House. 

The stories:

The Empty House by Algernon Blackwell - This is one of my favorite short stories of all time. The reason for that is how it build up atmosphere by using three of the five senses. 


The War of Mists: book two of Luthiel's Song

The War of Mists Goodreads: The War of Mists

Author: Robert Fanney

Genre: High Fantasy

Age: Teen

Summary: War is on the horizon. The folks all across the Faelands are gathering and marching to the Vale. The only thing standing in their way are the widdershe spiders.


Alone in the Dark: Movie review

Action, Horror, Creature Feature

Rated: R - language 

Year Release: 2005

Director: Uwe Bull

Summary: Edward Carnby, detective of the paranormal, unexplained and supernatural, investigates a mystery (the recent death of a friend) with clues leading to "Shadow Island" that brings him face to face with bizarre horrors that prove both psychologically disturbing and lethal, as he discovers that evil demons worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani are planning on coming back to life in the 21st century to once again take over the world


What Defines a favorite: A response

This post is a response to Paper Procreations on my comment to what defines a favorite. I am placing this on my blog because I have a lot to say and I didn't want to make it out to be a long comment. Plus, I want to expand more on the points I made.

In summary I said that someone's favorite can be defines by what is popular at the time. I left the link so you can see for yourself. 


The Anti TBR tag

 A popular book EVERYONE loves that you have no interest in reading? 

Any book by Sara J. Maas. I have no interest what so ever in reading her books.

 A classic book (or author) you don’t have an interest in reading? 


Boots and the Seven Leaguers

Boots and the Seven Leaguers Goodreads: Boots and the Seven Leaguers by Jane Yolen

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Teen

Summary: The most popular band in the Kingdom is coming and Gog does have a ticket. So he and his friend Pook decide to glamor themselves as roadies and earn their tickets. Gog little brother has gone missing. Gog needs to find him and get back in time to the rock concert.