The Deep: Here Be Dragons

The Deep: Here Be Dragons
The Deep: Here Be Dragons 

Author: Tom Taylor

Artist: James Brouwer

Summary:  After an earthquake, a sea monster begins haunting the ocean. The daring aquanauts, the Nekton family is on the hunt to investigate. Meanwhile an island is completely not hit by a tsunami. Danger, secrets, peril, ancient messages, and shocking revelations well all be revealed. 

Review: The art style is realistic and natural colors are used so there no select color palette where certain colors dominate over other colors. None that I can tell anyway. Dark and light colors are uses when necessary. For example in the underwater settings, there are dark colors and above water, there are light colors.

The overall story is good. Ant has so much energy that reflexes how most young kids act. He brings out the personality in everyone else. I like the sibling dynamic. It felt real and how siblings will act towards each other. The whole family dynamic is great.

The pasting is not too fast or too slow. Just right in the middle to where the reader gets to know everyone and is taken right into the action.

The only thing I'm disappointed about is that there no sequel. The story set up for the Nekton family to go and find Atlantis. The ending is open enough for me to want more.

For some strange reason I check out this graphic novel through Hoopla and it was a bind-up of Vol one and two, however it did not say it was a bind-up. Until I got on to GR and saw that it was two different volumes. Okay, what is going on here?

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