The Hive

The Hive Author:  Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden

Genre: Dystopian, Thriller

Age: YA

POV: 3rd person

Summary: The Hive is everything. People used to be harassed online by trolls and doxxesrs until The Hive came. Now if you get enough "condemns" and a mob will come after you. Cassie used to believe in the Hive as a way of justices. Until egged on by her friends she post an edgy joke online and is now a level 5 convict on the run for her life. 

Review: It is a pretty good book. There are high stakes action thriller that leads the reader wanting to find out what going to happen next. Cassie felt like a real person going through the grief and death of her dad. She wants to be left alone at her new school until she finds herself with the "popular" girls.

What I like about this book is that Cassie's mom, Raichel has a huge role in the story. Unlike other YA and kid books where the parent is dead or gets brush aside. Another thing I like is that Cassie likes to code hack and I like all the detail and techno terms of coding. I like when a book goes into full consent of something I don't fully understand but nonetheless find interesting.

The world building is fine. It's set in the near future with some parallels of today's society and the way people act on the internet. The idea of the Hive is stupid, however with the way society is going it on the verge of becoming a reality. Having a mob come after you in real life is just like one coming after you on the internet. Encouraging any mob mentality is dangerous. The creator of the Hive thinks it’s all for good intention because "minorities" are likely to get harassed online. Everyone gets harass online. If you’re going to spread yourself all over the internet, then you’re most likely to get harass. To deal with it is to be smart and not. lose. your. head. I don't engage with anyone or everyone. If someone is being a jerk towards someone else, then I don't keep my distance from them. Is that not hard to do?

This book does have some political undertone which I don't mind. It not up in my face and if you think about it, 20 to 50 years from now it will be a push to the background. A reviewer on GR says that politics shouldn't be separated from the book. I do agree with that, however, the politics that talk about in this book are just the echo chamber of mainstream options of the day.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. This is a good book regardless of your views. This book can speak to everyone about the cautions of big tech and government becoming one with each other.

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