TTT #39 Spring Cleaning


Top ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Artsy Reader Girl. This weeks topic is last week's topic: is Spring Cleaning. For my spring cleaning I will be getting rid of books and giving them to my little cousin who like to read. 

1. The Chronicles of Prydain series

Author: Lloyd Alexander

This series is fill with action and adventure something my cousin likes. I figure this is a good place to get him into the fantasy genre. 

2. The Door Within

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson

This has been on my tbr for so long that I'm just going to give up my copy and listen to it on audio from the library. From what I know The Door Within is a portal fantasy that base somewhat off of King Arthur. 

3. Pirate Hunter: The Guns of Tortuga

Author: Brad Strickland and Thomas E. Fuller

More action and adventure. This book is base of the historical context that the English crown will hire pirate hunters.

4. Dangerous Waters
Author: Gregory Mone

Dangerous Waters: An Adventure on the Titanic

Base off of known facts about a rare book that somehow made its way off the Titanic despite the owner dying. 

5. Hatchet
Author: Gary Paulsen

This was one of my first reviews on this blog. Since re-reading Hatchet I know my cousin is going to like anything Gary Paulsen. 

6. The River
Author: Gary Paulsen

This the squal to Hatchet and I read it a long time ago. From what I remember its quit good as the first book. 

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