The White Stag

 Author: Kate Seredy

Genre: Fantasy, epic

POV: 3rd person

Review: This is an epic pack into a little book. The pictures on their own scream epic. The story is the legend of Attila (The Hun) quest to lead his people on manifest destiny to the promised land. All with the guidance of a white stag.

 The story has everything a legend has. Kate Seredy set out to tell this without any facts, just pure fantasy. The themes found in this book are commonly found in epics. So, you have themes like destiny, community, loyalty, and honor.

Destiny is self-explanatory. It’s the people's destiny to find a new homeland. Community as in relationship experience by the main hero and the people around him. Loyalty and honor the hero being loyal to his clan and exciting greatness in leading his people.

When I started reading this book it’s a weird coincidence that there a biblical reference to the tower of Babel and Nimrod. I am reading The Long Guest by Jennifer Mugrace (btw check out her blog). Which takes place after the fall of the Tower of Babel. The White Stag is the story of the lines of Nimrod. Which explains why their great hunters.

The book doesn't shy away from war and killing animals. Make me wonder would kids read this? It’s not a matter of is this for kids? Would kids want to read this book? I can imagine that most kids will be bored by it. Then again there will be a kid that will read this book and think it the amazing thing ever. The story will stay with them for a long time.

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