Same Difference

Same Difference Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim

Author & Artist: Derek Kirk Kim

Genre: Realist fiction, Autobiography

Summary: When Derek Kirk Kim (The Eternal Smile) published his debut graphic novel back in 2003, it made an immediate stir. The story about a group of young people navigating adulthood and personal relationships is told with such sympathy and perception that the book was immediately hailed as an important new work.

Review: The same Difference is about Derek (Author) in his early 20s trying to find out what he wants to do with his life. Along the way, he meets old friends and foes from high school.

Even those this is based on the author's life this is a good engaging story. It has a little bit of sadness and a little bit of humor. Same Difference is a quiet slice of life graphic novel that anyone in their 20s or gone through the phase of one day waking up and saying "holy cow I'm 24 and, I don't know what I going to do with my life."

The people Derek meets from high school already have their life all work out for themselves. Some of them got married and, others went on to get a career.

The main message of the story is that it is okay to take your time in creating a life afore high school. You don't need to worry about what everyone in high school has done with their life. You can get married or go to college, or do none of those things and let the tide take you where it wants you to go. Your calling can always come later in life.

It took me two years of college before deciding on a horticulture degree. I went from English major to History major. I always like history and figure I don't need a degree to continue learning history. As for an English degree, all I wanted was to become a publishing author. I learned over the years that it is hard making it big as a writer and, there are other paths to becoming a writer. Writing is my passion but, it's not my career. Perhaps one day it will be but, not right now.

They're something that everyone that been out of high school can relate to in 'Same Difference'. For those who want the "New Adult" label with college age protagonist. Well, here your book.

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