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This Book tag was created by Jyvur Entorpy and myself. Please link back to both are blogs if you decided to do this tag.

-The Day of the Dead is all about remembering and honoring past generations. Name a book with an intergenerational cast or a strong focus on family

Sharks in the Time of Saviors

-Dia de los Muertos is an important Mexican holiday. Name a book that takes place in Mexico or includes Mexican culture. 

Labyrinth Lost - The magic system and world is base on Mexican culture.

-This holiday is often celebrated with vibrant, colorful imagery and sugar skulls. Name a book with a cover as visually-interesting and colorful as a sugar skull

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki

-Food is an important part of the Dia de los Muertos celebration. Food is set out on altars for the spirits of departed family members. Tell us a book where food really makes the story!

The Redwall series - There a feast in every book. I don't what half the food is but sounds so good.

-Dia de los Muertos is not only celebrated in Mexico, but also in Central and South America. Name a book that takes place in Central or South America or has a Central or South American author. 

Isabel Allende is an author from South America. I would think that the book community will be all over this author. Then again people in this community are lazy. 

-In addition to sugar skulls, flowers and butterflies are also symbols of this holiday. Tell us a book with flowers or butterflies on the cover

The Wild Girl

-The Day of the Dead is about celebrating life. Name a book that celebrates life. 

This is a hard one and I'm the one that came up with it. I'm going with Bridge to Terabithia. Jesse learns from his friend Leslie to let lose and live life. When she passed away at the end of the book Jesse know Leslie is not the type of person that want someone to morn over for long. Any book that has theme of death can teach us life is precious.

- It is also a day of remembering loved ones who passed on. Name a book that was either given to you or reminds you of a loved one who passed away. 

The first hard cover edition of Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Old Clock. I was gifted this in 3rd grade. My grandpa having pass away last year gifted this to my mom and she pass it down to me.

- El flor del Muerto - The flower of the dead. Marigolds are used in massive quantities on the Day of the Dead. These flowers represent the sun and rebirth. Also believe to guide the spirits back home. Name a book about rebirth. 

The Great Alone is about a family that want a restart on their life. So they pack their bags and move to Alaska to live off the grid.

-Colors are used as a form of symbolism in the decorations and sugar skulls. Some of the colors used in association with Dia de los Muertos are yellow (unity), white (hope and purity), red (blood and life), purple (mourning), and pink (happiness). 

Take a photo of some book spines in the Dia de los Muertos colors!

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